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HOLIDAY IN SUMMER in Vs. Mode in Lumines Remastered.

Vs. Mode (better known as Two-Player Mode) is a basic mode in which the player can compete with another player on the same matrix. The goal of Vs. Mode is to push the separation of the matrix closer to your opponent so that they won't have enough room to delete squares. The first player to fill up to the top loses the round.

Unlike Vs. CPU Mode, you are limited to every skin you have unlocked in the game so far, including the Vs. CPU skins you have been awarded. The biggest difference between this mode and Vs. CPU Mode, this time during actual gameplay, is that 2P uses an avatar in a similar style to 1P and not a CPU avatar, one that could possibly block a bit of the 2P side of the matrix.


  • Live! is the only game in the series to feature online multiplayer.
  • In Supernova, player 2 lacks most sound effects when deleting, moving, or creating squares, likely due to a bug.
  • MORNING BEATS in LUMINES REMASTERED contains an error. Close to 1P's queue, a NEXT block holder colored gray is placed on the top left above the visible matrix. This does not affect gameplay and seems to be more of a background error, as the NEXT block holder for 1P is layered above the error.