Skin Edit Mode (Formally known as Single Skin Mode in earlier games) is a single player mode in which the player can either pick one, or multiple skins to play them in any set of order.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

In Lumines and Lumines Plus, this mode is called Single Skin Mode. The player can choose any skin, given that it has been already unlocked. High scores are saved in Single Skin Mode.

Single Skin Mode has been modified and renamed to Skin Edit Mode in later games; it gives the player more options to this mode, such as:

  • Allowing more than 1 skin to be chosen
  • Create playlists that save picked skins
  • Allow minor modes like Score Lap or Endless Lap

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • For unknown reasons, if the player completes a stage, there is a small chance that the game will not move on but instead, repeat the same stage the player was.
    • Also, if a player keeps getting multiple bonuses (like a bonus X4), there is a possible chance that it will reset to a regular bonus.
  • Endless Lap scores cannot be saved, nor do they count towards any leaderboards.
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