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A screenshot showing the many different sound effects used for a song.

Sequencer is a game-mode in which the player can make their own custom music by adding sound effects.


The player will first choose any sound from any category. After that, the speed can be adjusted, then finally, the player is given the choice of playing the song, saving it, loading a different one, or deleting it.


  • Sequencer, along with DigDown Mode, are one of the two exclusive features only available in Lumines Supernova.
  • Unlike other backgrounds, the background for the Sequencer is actually a visualizer.
  • When a song is created, it is added to Skin Edit Mode and Vs. Mode.
  • Slower songs tend to last longer when trying to complete while faster songs are slightly easier to complete.
  • There is a rare glitch in which the music suddenly goes off-sync with the sound effects, causing lots of distorting sounds.