Puzzle Mode is a special mode in which the player makes puzzles using blocks, hence its name. Puzzle Mode is one of the few modes in which you can unlock more skins by completing sections of puzzles.

Catagorizing DifficultiesEdit

In most games, the puzzles are catagorized in three sections: Easy, Hard, and Very Hard. Easy usually requires the player to make small puzzles, while Hard makes the player create larger puzzles and Very Hard makes the player make puzzles that require skills and speed.


  • Puzzle Mode is not included in Lumines Touch Fusion and Lumines Mobile.
  • Several puzzles, such as the typhoon puzzle are some of the puzzles that require huge precision.
  • Some puzzles, such as the headphones, are harder, due to the fact that same block colors can create a square, which can be deleted by the Time Line.
  • One of the common and unlockable skin the player can get is the 45 Degrees skin.