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prime factor is a Skin in the Lumines series. It made its debut as the 40th Skin in Lumines Puzzle Fusion.

A sample of prime factor.

A remix of prime factor.

Artwork of prime factor in Lumines Remastered.


Composer: Takayuki Nakamura
BPM: 75
Timeline loop time: 6.4 seconds




The design of prime factor features the blue sky with clouds, animated as if the player is piloting an airplane.

In Lumines Puzzle Fusion, prime factor shares its block textures with Big Elpaso, Fanatic, Lights, Neodymium, SHININ', SISTER WALK and Shake Ya Body.

In Lumines Remastered, prime factor borrows Block textures from Lie in Rhodes.

When getting a score bonus, an airplane will appear from the left and fly over to the right side of the screen.

Color 1 Primefactor-LRM-Color1.png
Color 2 Primefactor-LRM-Color2.png