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My generation is a Skin in the Lumines series. It made its debut as the 19th Skin in the Challenge Mode of Lumines Puzzle Fusion.

A remix of My generation.

Artwork of My generation in Lumines Remastered.

The text written on the disc read "ROCK IS DEAD".


Composer: Katsumi Yokota
BPM: 140
Timeline loop time: 3.4286 seconds




The design of My generation features a background with a spinning blue and red disc. The animations are similar to those of ABACK.

In Lumines Puzzle Fusion, My generation shares its block textures with I hear the music in my Soul and TAKE A DOG OUT A WALK.

When getting a score bonus, a third purple disc will show up and glow to the beat of the bonus sound.

Color 1 Generation-LRM-Color1.png
Color 2 Generation-LRM-Color2.png


In Lumines Puzzle Fusion and Lumines Remastered, My generation is unlocked by reaching Level 75 in the Basic Challenge.