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Mission Mode is a game-mode in Lumines II, Lumines Live!, Lumines Supernova, as well as Lumines Puzzle Fusion (PC) and Lumines Remastered. In this mode, the player must complete specific types of missions that usually involve with deleting blocks, clearing every space, et cetera. Some missions have time limits; others (such as clearing the board in X steps) do not.


Like Puzzle Mode, Mission Mode has the 3 difficulties: Easy, Hard, and Very Hard.


Clearing every mission would reward the player with the Skins MACHINE INTERFACE and prime factor. If the player completes Hard mode, they are awarded with Please return my CD. And if the player completes Easy mode, they are awarded with Sparks!!.

In Lumines II, you get WATER, FLOWER & LIGHTS on Easy, The SPY loves me on Hard, and MACHINE INTERFACE and BRASH on Very Hard.

Lumines Remastered only awards RODENT as Skins, but each cleared difficulty level unlocks an Avatar.


  • Every mission and difficulty have the same brain in the background.
  • The song is featured in the album L.II Remixes.
  • Like every other mode, the Skins in Mission Mode are not playable and hacking is required to play on them.
  • All 3 Skins in the 3 difficulties have the same robotic voice from the un-lockable skin MACHINE INTERFACE.
  • The backgrounds in each difficulty are different. The backgrounds are:
    • Easy: Blue particles moving around
    • Hard: A sky with a passengers view. Buildings can be seen from the sides.
    • Very Hard: Artificially colored liquids with bubbles.
    • Playable version: Monochromatic water.