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In the Lumines Wiki, you are allowed to make Fan-made Skins, Game Modes, Avatars, and so on. This page is a guide to creating Fan-made pages.


All Fan-made content articles must have a special "Fan-made" prefix. For example: Fan-made:Skin.
Additionally, all of these articles have a unique, greenish color theme.

Fan-made Skins[]


Fan-made Skins can use music tracks from anyone, but an original piece by you is recommended due to copyright. Skins that may be inappropriate should have a warning at the top of the page, using the {{FanmadeWarning}} Template.

Fan-made Skins' music, artworks, and sounds must have a special naming format. For example, an official Skin's Banner art file would be called "File:01-LPF-Banner.png". However, for a Fan-made Skin, it would be called "File:Fanmade-Composer-SongName-Banner.png".

Full list of examples below:

Naming Examples
Banner File:Fanmade-Composer-SongName-Banner.png
Jacket File:Fanmade-Composer-SongName-Jacket.png
Block Color 1 File:Fanmade-Composer-SongName-Color1.png
Block Color 2 File:Fanmade-Composer-SongName-Color2.png
Special/Chain Color 1 File:Fanmade-Composer-SongName-Color1SP.png
Special/Chain Color 2 File:Fanmade-Composer-SongName-Color2SP.png
Square Color 1 File:Fanmade-Composer-SongName-Color1L.png
Square Color 2 File:Fanmade-Composer-SongName-Color2L.png
BGM File:Fanmade-Composer-SongName.mp3
Remix File:Fanmade-Composer-SongName (Remix).mp3
Sample File:Fanmade-Composer-SongName-Sample.mp3
Move File:Fanmade-Composer-SongName-lr.mp3
Rotate Left File:Fanmade-Composer-SongName-lrot.mp3
Rotate Right File:Fanmade-Composer-SongName-rrot.mp3
Dash File:Fanmade-Composer-SongName-dash.mp3
Drop File:Fanmade-Composer-SongName-on.mp3
Creating Square File:Fanmade-Composer-SongName-dec1.mp3
Creating Square File:Fanmade-Composer-SongName-dec2.mp3
Timeline touches Square File:Fanmade-Composer-SongName-dec_lp.mp3
Erasing one Square File:Fanmade-Composer-SongName-fall1.mp3
Erasing two or more Squares File:Fanmade-Composer-SongName-fall2.mp3
Erasing two or more Squares File:Fanmade-Composer-SongName-fall3.mp3
Erasing a Special/Chain Block File:Fanmade-Composer-SongName-fall4.mp3]
Getting a Score Bonus File:Fanmade-Composer-SongName-bonus.mp3
Announce File:Fanmade-Composer-SongName-Announce.mp3

NOTE: Not all files need to be PNG and MP3 files. These are mere examples.

All Fan-made Skins articles must have the following three categories:

  • [[Category:Fan-made]]
  • [[Category:Fan-made Skins]]
  • [[Category:Skins]]

List of Fan-made content[]