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Lumines Supernova
The Lumines Supernova logo.
Predecessor Lumines Plus
Successor Lumines Touch Fusion

Lumines Supernova is the sixth game in the Lumines series, and the first to be released on the PS3. It was developed by Q Entertainment, and it features new modes, new Skins, and 1080p support.

Release Information[]

  • Release dates:
    • December 18th, 2008 (Japan)
    • October 15th, 2009 (America)
    • October 22nd, 2009 (Europe)
      • Went off-sale some time in 2017.

General Information[]

  • The only Lumines game to be released on the PlayStation 3.
  • Introduced Digdown Mode to the series.
  • Introduced nine Skins that have never appeared in a subsequent game.
  • The first title in the main series to lack VS CPU Mode.
  • The title with the most unused content, which can be found here.

Staff List[]

  • Lumines Supernova credits

Skin List[]

Note: None of the songs are properly credited in-game.

New Skins[]

Basic Challenge[]

Skin Artist
Take me to the sky. Takayuki Nakamura
new clear Keiichi Sugiyama
UFO Takayuki Nakamura
barong Keiichi Sugiyama
birdie Keiichi Sugiyama

Advance Challenge[]

Skin Artist
colors Takayuki Nakamura
LittleBIGPlanet Mat Clark
sleepy weather report. Takayuki Nakamura
DQ0.8 Takayuki Nakamura
Catch the beat. Takayuki Nakamura
jump or bounce Takayuki Nakamura


Skin Artist
Digdown Theme
DigDown Mode Skin
Takayuki Nakamura

DLC Packs[]

Classics Pack (Added February 12th, 2009)[]

Skin Artist
My Generation Katsumi Yokota
Get up and Go Takayuki Nakamura
Morning Beats Takayuki Nakamura
ROUND ABOUT Takayuki Nakamura
TALK 2 YOU Takayuki Nakamura
STRANGERS Takayuki Nakamura
FLY INTO THE SKY Takayuki Nakamura
SISTER WALK Takayuki Nakamura
URBANIZATION Takayuki Nakamura
MEGURO Takayuki Nakamura
SQUARE DANCE Katsumi Yokota
DA-DI-DO Takayuki Nakamura
SPIRITS Takayuki Nakamura
JUST... Takayuki Nakamura
ABACK Takayuki Nakamura
TAKE A DOG OUT A WALK Takayuki Nakamura
WORKING IN THE HOLE Takayuki Nakamura
Big Elpaso Takayuki Nakamura
SLIPPING Takayuki Nakamura

Holiday Pack (Added October 22nd, 2009)[]

Skin Artist
the wind is wailing Keiichi Sugiyama
Unlockable (Challenge)
Flower Cards Takayuki Nakamura
In Late Night Takayuki Nakamura
amber moon Keiichi Sugiyama
no bird Takayuki Nakamura
Flavor Takayuki Nakamura
Lie in Rhodes h ueda
pumpkin head man Keiichi Sugiyama
new cold+ h ueda
compressive flake h ueda
minimum vox h ueda
I think Keiichi Sugiyama
nerorange h ueda
Freezing point Takayuki Nakamura
snow girl Keiichi Sugiyama
a piece of sine wave Keiichi Sugiyama
fab bells h ueda
deck the halls Keiichi Sugiyama
Papa! Takayuki Nakamura
Discoveries Takayuki Nakamura

Unlock Information[]


  • TINTOY - Complete one lap of Basic Challenge.
  • Fanatic - Complete one lap of Advance Challenge.
  • 45 degrees - Complete the Easy Puzzles.
  • RODENT - Complete the Hard Puzzles.
  • neodimium, Manager class - Complete the Super Hard Puzzles.
  • Sparks!! - Complete the Easy Missions.
  • Please return my CD - Complete the Hard Missions.
  • prime factor, MACHINE INTERFACE - Complete the Super Hard Missions.


  • Avatar #21 (Dog) - Beat a certain score in 60sec Time Attack.
  • Avatar #22 (Tip) - Beat a certain score in 180sec Time Attack.
  • Avatar #23 (Heart) - Beat a certain score in 300sec Time Attack.
  • Avatar #24 (Nigiri) - Beat a certain score in 600sec Time Attack.