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Lumines II
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Box cover
Release date November 6th, 2006 (North America)

November 17th, 2006 (Europe)
February 15th, 2007 (Japan

Predecessor Lumines Live!
Successor Lumines Plus

Lumines II is the second game released on PSP and third game in the series developed by Q Entertainment. Lumines II shares most of the features as Lumines Live!, including music video support.

Release Information[]

  • While not exact, this game effectively launched at the same time as Lumines Live!.
  • Release dates:
    • November 6, 2006 (America)
    • November 17, 2006 (Europe)
    • February 15, 2007 (Japan)
  • A demo flash game released on the American promotional page on November 22, 2006. This was known as Lumines II Taster Version.

General Information[]

  • The second, and last Lumines game to be released on the PlayStation Portable.
  • Challenge Mode was divided in three challenges: Challenge B, Challenge A and Challenge S, respectively. The height of the playing field is decreased on the latter two challenges.
    • Additionally, clearing these three challenges unlocks Enduro mode, which plays all the Challenge Mode songs in order. The height of the playing field is not decreased in this mode.
  • Mission Mode was introduced.
  • Puzzle Mode was completely overhauled. This version would become a standard in all following games that feature the mode, save for Lumines Plus.
  • The Sequencer was introduced.
  • The only game to have different skins depending on the region.
  • The licensed skins use their own music videos as backgrounds.
    • Some of these videos were created specifically for the game, such as those for Stroll around the world, Breezer and Be bop Acid.
  • All skins from Lumines: Puzzle Fusion return in this game, save for the four licensed skins.
  • Skins no longer repeat a section if a square is not cleared.
  • A ranking system has been introduced, which ranks specific statistics in a grade system that ranges from C to S+.

Staff Information[]


Note: None of the songs are properly credited in-game. This list is based on the original American release of the game. An asterisk indicates that the in-game BPM is desynced from the actual song.

Challenge B[]

Skin Composer BPM
Circles Katsumi Yokota 120
Stroll around the world Star Casino 135
My generation Katsumi Yokota 140
Block the Sky Takayuki Nakamura 123
Pump It Black Eyed Peas 153
Get up and Go Takayuki Nakamura 120
Mysterious travel to Asia Takayuki Nakamura 96
Kabuki Takayuki Nakamura 150
Bean jam? Takayuki Nakamura 130
Born To Lead Hoobastank 117.8
Morning Beats Takayuki Nakamura 104
ROUND ABOUT Takayuki Nakamura 126
T.S.L Takayuki Nakamura 177.8
TALK 2 YOU Takayuki Nakamura 122
Take a coffee for a moment? Takayuki Nakamura 126
KAWAII Takayuki Nakamura 132
Let It All Ride Ken Ishii 130.12
STRANGERS Takayuki Nakamura 171
FLY INTO THE SKY Takayuki Nakamura 62
Girls Takagi Masakatsu 128.6

Challenge A[]

Skin Composer BPM
Sparks!! Takayuki Nakamura 122
Bottle Rocket The Go! Team 120.2
The mission to The moon Takayuki Nakamura 80
bad boy century Takayuki Nakamura 137
Hollaback Girl Gwen Stefani 110
Cuckoo clock Takayuki Nakamura 160
SISTER WALK Takayuki Nakamura 116
Heavenly Star Genki Rockets 120
URBANIZATION Takayuki Nakamura 130
MEGURO Takayuki Nakamura 80
You are not here. Takayuki Nakamura 133.33
SQUARE DANCE Katsumi Yokota 122
HOUSE 66 Sugiurumn 130
Da-Di-Do Takayuki Nakamura 126
So that someone may visit you. Takayuki Nakamura 60
tiny piano Takayuki Nakamura 141
Take My Time Junior Senior 112.04
HOLIDAY IN SUMMER Takayuki Nakamura 73
Flashback Takayuki Nakamura 160
HIKARU frame work Takayuki Nakamura 75
el viento Takagi Masakatsu 100

Challenge S[]

Skin Composer BPM
SPIRITS Takayuki Nakamura 125
JUST... Takayuki Nakamura 151
Day dream Takayuki Nakamura 75
Breezer Junkie XL featuring Sasha 132
Aoi Takayuki Nakamura 90
Bloomy Girls Takagi Masakatsu 120*
Shadow of Grand Father Takayuki Nakamura 100
Butterfly Stroke Takayuki Nakamura 165.5
ABACK Takayuki Nakamura 108
Hometown Takayuki Nakamura 114.3
Cosmic Humming muku 135
TAKE A DOG OUT A WALK Takayuki Nakamura 90
Dao Takayuki Nakamura 144
Be bop Acid Toby & Q'hey 138
WORKING IN THE HOLE Takayuki Nakamura 125
BIG THINGS Takayuki Nakamura 171.4
Big Elpaso Takayuki Nakamura 70
Reality Check Stigmato Inc. 110

Exclusive Skins[]

Skin Composer BPM
American and European exclusives
Challenge B
Star Guitar The Chemical Brothers 126.98
Challenge A
Lose Control Missy Elliot featuring Ciara and Fat Man Scoop 124.53*
Challenge S
Black Tambourine Beck 110.26
Regret New Order 129.90
Gangster Trippin' Fatboy Slim 101.73
Japanese exclusives
Challenge B
Challenge A
KONOMAMA Def Tech reintroducing RIZE 103.64*

VS CPU Mode[]

Skin Composer BPM
That savanna calls. Takayuki Nakamura 126.32
Automobile Industry Takayuki Nakamura 124
Naha!! Takayuki Nakamura 137.14
The bird singing in the night Takayuki Nakamura 106
The speed of light Takayuki Nakamura 133.3
Japanese form Takayuki Nakamura 84
Go to a toy town. Takayuki Nakamura 144
Whoop-De-Do Takayuki Nakamura 120
Papa's ukulele Takayuki Nakamura 90
MOON BEAM Takayuki Nakamura 92


The BPMs listed for the Sequencer skins are their default BPMs. These are modifiable and therefore may not reflect your save file.

Skin Composer BPM
Song #1 - 140
Song #2 - 120
Song #3 - 140
Song #4 - 82
TINTOY Takayuki Nakamura 110
RODENT Takayuki Nakamura 90
Fanatic Takayuki Nakamura 100
SLIPPING Takayuki Nakamura 126
45 degrees Katsumi Yokota 160
Please return my CD Takayuki Nakamura 122
neodimium Takayuki Nakamura 120
prime factor Takayuki Nakamura 75
Mekong Takayuki Nakamura 123
Manager class Takayuki Nakamura 100
Elect.M.G.R Takayuki Nakamura 60
Water,Flower & Lights Takayuki Nakamura 70
The Spy Loves Me Takayuki Nakamura 141
MACHINE INTERFACE Takayuki Nakamura 100
Brash Takayuki Nakamura 114
Chinese Restaurant Takayuki Nakamura 140
xop Takayuki Nakamura 133.3


Skin Composer BPM
Mental gymnastic
Time Attack Mode Skin
Takayuki Nakamura 120

Unlock Information[]


  • TIN TOY - Complete Challenge B.
  • RODENT - Complete two laps of Challenge B.
  • Fanatic - Complete Challenge A.
  • SLIPPING - Complete two laps of Challenge A.
  • 45 degrees - Complete Challenge S.
  • Please return my CD - Complete two laps of Challenge S.
  • neodimium - Complete Challenge Enduro.
  • prime factor - Complete the Easy Puzzles.
  • Mekong - Complete the Hard Puzzles.
  • Manager Class, Elect.M.G.R - Complete the Super Hard Puzzles.
  • Water,Flower & Lights - Complete the Easy Missions.
  • The Spy Loves Me - Complete the Hard Missions.
  • MACHINE INTERFACE, BRASH - Complete the Super Hard Missions.
  • Chinese restaurant - 10 hours of play time.
  • xop - 20 hours of play time.


  • Avatar #50 - Get an A- rank on 60sec Time Attack.
  • Avatar #51 - Get an A- rank on 180sec Time Attack.
  • Avatar #52 - Get an A- rank on 300sec Time Attack.
  • Avatar #53 - Get an A- rank on 600sec Time Attack.
  • Avatar #54 - Get an A+ rank on 60sec Time Attack.
  • Avatar #55 - Get an A+ rank on 180sec Time Attack.
  • Avatar #56 - Get an A+ rank on 300sec Time Attack.
  • Avatar #57 - Get an A+ rank on 600sec Time Attack.
  • Avatar #58 - Get an S+ rank on 60sec Time Attack.
  • Avatar #59 - Get an S+ rank on 180sec Time Attack.
  • Avatar #60 - Get an S+ rank on 300sec Time Attack.
  • Avatar #61 - Get an S+ rank on 600sec Time Attack.
  • Avatar #62 - Get an S rank on Skin Edit Mode.
  • Avatar #63 - Get an S+ rank on Skin Edit Mode.
  • Avatar #64 - Complete the first round of VS CPU Mode.
  • Avatar #65 - Complete the second round of VS CPU Mode.
  • Avatar #66 - Complete the third round of VS CPU Mode.
  • Avatar #67 - Complete the fourth round of VS CPU Mode.
  • Avatar #68 - Complete the fifth round of VS CPU Mode.
  • Avatar #69 - Complete the sixth round of VS CPU Mode.
  • Avatar #70 - Complete the seventh round of VS CPU Mode.
  • Avatar #71 - Complete the eighth round of VS CPU Mode.
  • Avatar #72 - Complete the ninth round of VS CPU Mode.
  • Avatar #73 - Complete the tenth round of VS CPU Mode.



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