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Lumines: Puzzle Fusion
Lumines-puzzle-fusion (NA).jpg
North American cover
Release date December 12, 2004 (Japan)

March 23, 2005 (North America)
September 1, 2005 (Europe)

Predecessor None
Successor Lumines Block Challenge

Lumines Puzzle Fusion (Lumines in Japan) is a music-based puzzle game by Q Entertainment. The game was first released as launch title for PSP in Japan on December 12, 2004 and North America on March, 23 2005 and released in Europe on September 1, 2005. By October 11, 2005, Lumines has sold about half a million copies since its original release in Japan.

Release Information[]

  • Release dates:
    • December 12, 2004 (Japan)
    • March 22, 2005 (America)
    • September 1, 2005 (Europe)

General Information[]

  • The first game in the Lumines series.
  • Skins could have different HUDs, changing the counters' placement and font. This wouldn't happen again until Lumines: Puzzle & Music.
  • Licensed Skins have song/artist information at the bottom right of the screen.
  • The game features 48 Avatars, 13 of which are unlockable.
  • Several modes are available:
    • Challenge Mode, where the player levels up by clearing Squares, unlocking Skins in the process.
    • Single Skin Mode, where, as its name says, the player plays a single skin of their choice, with the game getting progressively harder as more Squares are cleared.
    • Time Attack Mode, where the player must clear Squares within a time limit of the player's choice. The time options are 60 seconds, 180 seconds, 300 seconds, and 600 seconds.
    • Vs. 2P Mode, where the player battles another player via ad-hoc.
    • Vs. CPU Mode, where the player battles ten rounds of CPU opponents, getting harder as the player progresses. Once a round is won, the Skin and Avatar featured in it are unlocked.
    • Puzzle Mode, where the player must build structures within a specific time limit.
  • The menu and credits background music, Welcome to the Club and Merci respectively, were composed by Takayuki Nakamura.

Skin List[]

Note: Only the licensed songs are properly credited in-game.

Challenge Mode[]

Skin Artist BPM
SHININ' Mondo Grosso 133
URBANIZATION Takayuki Nakamura 130
ROUND ABOUT Takayuki Nakamura 126
SLIPPING Takayuki Nakamura 126
SHAKE YA BODY Mondo Grosso 128.8
SQUARE DANCE Katsumi Yokota 122
TALK 2 YOU Takayuki Nakamura 122
JUST... Takayuki Nakamura 151
I hear the music in my Soul Eri Nobuchika 64
Dark side beside the river Takayuki Nakamura 110
ABACK Takayuki Nakamura 108
WORKING IN THE HOLE Takayuki Nakamura 125
SISTER WALK Takayuki Nakamura 116
Da-Di-Do Takayuki Nakamura 126
STRANGERS Takayuki Nakamura 171
HOLIDAY IN SUMMER Takayuki Nakamura 73
TAKE A DOG OUT A WALK Takayuki Nakamura 90
Big Elpaso Takayuki Nakamura 70
My Generation Katsumi Yokota 140
MEGURO Takayuki Nakamura 80
SPIRITS Takayuki Nakamura 125
Get up and Go Takayuki Nakamura 120
FLY INTO THE SKY Takayuki Nakamura 124
Lights Eri Nobuchika 62

VS CPU Mode[]

Skin Artist BPM
JAPANESE FORM Takayuki Nakamura 84
Auto Mobile Industry Takayuki Nakamura 124
Please return my CD Takayuki Nakamura 122
The bird singing in the night Takayuki Nakamura 106
Mekong Takayuki Nakamura 123
Whoop-De-Do Takayuki Nakamura 120
THE SPY LOVES ME Takayuki Nakamura 141
BRASH Takayuki Nakamura 114
Chinese restaurant Takayuki Nakamura 140
moon beam Takayuki Nakamura 92

Other Unlockables[]

Skin Artist BPM
45 degrees Katsumi Yokota 160
RODENT Takayuki Nakamura 90
Morning Beats Takayuki Nakamura 104
WATER,FLOWER & LIGHTS Takayuki Nakamura 70
TIN TOY Takayuki Nakamura 110
prime factor Takayuki Nakamura 75


Skin Artist BPM
Puzzle Mode Skin
Takayuki Nakamura 100/120/140
Time Attack Mode Skin
Takayuki Nakamura 120

Unlock Information[]



  • Avatar #23 - Clear 50 squares in 60sec Time Attack Mode.
  • Avatar #24 - Clear 150 squares in 180sec Time Attack Mode.
  • Avatar #25 - Clear 250 squares in 300sec Time Attack Mode.
  • Avatar #38 - Clear 500 squares in 600sec Time Attack Mode.
  • Avatar #39 - Complete the first round of VS CPU Mode.
  • Avatar #40 - Complete the second round of VS CPU Mode.
  • Avatar #41 - Complete the third round of VS CPU Mode.
  • Avatar #42 - Complete the fourth round of VS CPU Mode.
  • Avatar #43 - Complete the fifth round of VS CPU Mode.
  • Avatar #44 - Complete the sixth round of VS CPU Mode.
  • Avatar #45 - Complete the seventh round of VS CPU Mode.
  • Avatar #46 - Complete the eighth round of VS CPU Mode.
  • Avatar #47 - Complete the ninth round of VS CPU Mode.
  • Avatar #48 - Complete the tenth round of VS CPU Mode.

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