A stage in DigDown Mode.

DigDown Mode is a special mode that was first introduced in Lumines Supernova. No necessary acquirement is needed to unlock this mode, since it's already included when first playing the game. 


The main objective is to clear stacks of blocks to leave a gap on the floor. If two or more columns contain no blocks, the player moves on to the next stage. After completing a stage or so, the player basically has to repeat their actions. The player has a set of time to finish the area before time runs out. To complete this mode, the player has to complete all 20 stages at once.


  • DigDown Mode is only available in Lumines Supernova.
  • Each stage in this mode is somewhat connected, and related to each adjacent one.
  • Unlike most skins, the skins available aren't unlockable. Hacking is required to play on these stages.
  • Strangely, when one completes DigDown Mode, no prize is given, except for a congratulations message, and the time it took the player to finish all 20 stages.
  • In rare conditions, if the timeline deletes one side, it is possible to continue on with just one vertical line deleted.
  • Like most modes, DigDown Mode is a starter mode.
  • The time it took the player to finish the mode can be found at the Score Ranking mode.