A player deleting blocks in Challenge Mode. The skin shown is "You are not here"

Challenge Mode is the basic mode in which you unlock multiple skins by dropping and erasing 2x2 blocks. As you go on, you'll eventually advance on to different stages. Completed stages become available in various modes, such as Skin Edit Mode or Vs. Mode.

Scoring[edit | edit source]

Scoring in Challenge mode is as follows:

1 Block 40 pts
2 Blocks 80 pts
3 Blocks 120 pts
4 Blocks 640 pts
5 Blocks 800 pts
6 Blocks 960 pts
7 Blocks 1,120 pts
8 Blocks 1,280 pts
9 Blocks 1,440 pts
10 Blocks 1,600 pts
... ...
Soft drop 1 pt
Single Color Bonus 1,000 pts
All Deleted Bonus 10,000 pts

When the player creates blocks, those points are awarded to the player after the timeline bar has reached the end. As for soft dropping and bonuses, they're earned instantly.

A block is about to be deleted by the timeline bar.

The timeline bar is in the process of deleting a block.

The timeline bar has deleted the block and now has a 1 on top, indicating that it has deleted 1 block (so far).

The timeline bar has reset back to the beginning and points are awarded to the player, according to the number of blocks deleted and the current bonus multiplier.

If the player successfully creates 4+ blocks after the timeline bar has passed, the game will give the player a X1 bonus multiplier. Should the player create 4+ blocks after the timeline bars has passed again, the player will score the base number of points from X amount of blocks created multiplied by the bonus multiplier which can be X2, X3, or X4. The player will continue earning these bonuses until the timeline bar reaches the end of the board and the player hasn't created 4+ blocks.

A player has received a X1 bonus multiplier.

A player has received a X2 bonus multiplier.

A player has received a X3 bonus multiplier.

A player has received a X4 bonus multiplier.

Maximum Score[edit | edit source]

The highest, maximum score one can achieve is 999,999 points in earlier games such as Lumines Puzzle Fusion (not the PC version), as well as Lumines Plus. In newer games, the maximum score is 10,000,000 points. In some games, achieving this score will grant the player a bonus skin.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • All Lumines games have a random set of unlockable skins. In Lumines Supernova, there are about 20 skins in each pack.
    • If a category has all the skins unlocked, a bonus skin is granted. However, the Classic or Holiday Pack don't give out a bonus skin when accomplished.
  • If one continues to delete multiple blocks and advance through stages, the blocks will fall at a faster rate, making blocks difficult to delete.
    • Once the player reaches the final skin, the whole cycle will repeat.
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