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"You are not here." Skin in a Challenge Mode run

Challenge Mode is a game-mode in which you unlock multiple Skins by creating and erasing squares. As you play, you will advance on to different Skins. Completed stages become available in various modes, such as Skin Edit Mode or Vs. Mode.


Basic Challenge[]

The Basic Challenge is the default gamemode in all of Lumines. Players will be awarded with new Skins upon reaching them for the first time.

Endless Challenge[]

The Endless Challenge is only playable when you have completed the Basic Challenge. It has the same Skins as the Skins in the Basic Challenge, but when reaching the final Level, instead of ending the game, the Skin changes to the first Skin. The game ends only when the player leaves or loses. When going through two cycles of the Endless Challenge, players are awarded an Avatar.

Shuffle Challenge[]

The Shuffle Challenge is only playable when you have at least 10 Skins. It plays all unlocked Skins in a random order. The game ends when all Skins have been played. When beating the Shuffle Challenge, players are awarded an Avatar.


Scoring in Challenge mode is as follows:

1 Block 40 pts
2 Blocks 80 pts
3 Blocks 120 pts
4 Blocks 640 pts
5 Blocks 800 pts
6 Blocks 960 pts
7 Blocks 1,120 pts
8 Blocks 1,280 pts
9 Blocks 1,440 pts
10 Blocks 1,600 pts
... ...
Soft drop 1 pt
Single Color Bonus 1,000 pts
All Deleted Bonus 10,000 pts

When the player creates Squares, points are awarded to the player after the Timeline has reached the end. As for dropping and Score Bonuses, they are earned instantly.

If the Timeline erases 4 or more Squares in one sweep, the player is rewarded a Combo and a 1x Score Bonus Multiplier. Should the Timeline erase 4 or more Squares in one sweep, the player will be awarded more Score Bonuses. The player will continue earning these bonuses until the player fails to create enough Squares.

When getting a Score Bonus, the base number of points from the amount of Squares erased is multiplied by the Score Bonus Multiplier which starts from 1x, and increases to 2x, 3x, and up to 4x. In some games, the Score Bonuses start from 2x, and increase to 4x, 8, and up to 16x.

Maximum Score[]

In earlier games, such as Lumines Puzzle Fusion and Lumines Plus, the maximum Score you could achieve is 999,999 points. In newer games, the maximum Score is 10,000,000 points. In some games, achieving this Score will award the player a bonus Skin.


  • All Lumines games have a random set of unlockable Skins. In Lumines Supernova, there are about 20 skins in each pack.
    • If a category has all the Skins unlocked, a bonus Skin is awarded. However, the Classic or Holiday Pack do not award a bonus Skin when completed.
  • If you continue to erase more Squares and advance through Skins, the Blocks will fall at a faster rate, reducing time to think where to put them and increasing stacking.
    • In some games, the whole cycle will repeat when reaching the final Skin.