Thanatochronic Thanatochronic 10 October 2013

Administration membership and how to be one.

Alright. Since I have edited this Wiki since the departure of NeoReaper9, I have been given administration rights by Merrystar from the Wikia site due to my contributions. The specific admin rights given to me was system operator (sysop) and bureaucrat. However, I will make an admin team, BUT, before I can do that, this Wiki will need more users.

Please note that since I have this specific admin rights, I am able to grant users administration membership. HOWEVER, if you want to be an admin, you would leave a message on my message wall. I will respond. BUT, if your contributions are bad, or your inserting false information, I have no choice to either decline, or even block you. I won't block you from your contributions, but I will block you …

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